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Some testimonials of shared work
Ourcustomers in first person

DATYS Software - Cuba

José Fernández García - Project Manager

Our company DATYS embarked on the "Comprehensive Project Management with predictive and agile methodologies (Structured Methodology of the Project Management Institute -PMI- and ROI Agile/SCRUM) process that was carried out with great professionalism by Daniel Raúl Sachi, Managing Director ROI Agile International

The results were positive for the company, they encouraged interest in change and the willingness of its participants to extend the knowledge acquired. The work covered solutions for existing problems in our company, many of which have been solved at the moment.

The proposed improvements and the knowledge that was acquired by the participants, have contributed to raising the organization of production in the company with good results. From this work carried out by this prestigious company "ROI Agile International" we have been able to identify people with competences and with International certification to lay the foundations of this process of change, with which it has been possible that the management of our company has made the right decisions to implement all the knowledge acquired.

On behalf of all of us who work at Datys, we want to thank you for having transmitted this knowledge to us and wish "ROI Agile International" successes in the present and the future, hoping to maintain this working relationship between both parties.


Damián Rotta - Sr. Developer / QA Manager

I had the opportunity to work with ROI Agile International, and in particular with Daniel Sachi, for half a year. During that time I learned some things that I consider really important in my professional development: Daniel has been a vigorous promoter of the search for technical and/or methodological proposals for our team, but he has also made sure to support this search in his vast experience and remarkable ability to work with people.


Mario Moreno - Developer Sr.

I think the word that best sums up this adventure is "growth". Growth personally, professionally, individually and as a group. Many lessons learned through incentivized work in a very good way. 

As a client I think there is not a single reproach. I think that the move from ROI Agile to Soltic leaves us stronger and more mature.
Now it is up to us to apply everything we have learned from now on. 


Pablo Rojas - Senior IT Consultant

The experience with ROI Agile has been very positive from the start.
The work team was able to apply the knowledge learned to the company's daily processes, generating a work environment with better coordination and efficient results in less time. We also obtained tools that are very useful for the successful operation of the company during its life cycle.

The most important thing was to achieve synergy in the group, understanding the level of impact that each partner generates in the projects and understanding, from a new point of view, that customer satisfaction is achieved together, with better communication and with the look at clear objectives set by all.

Likewise, we are grateful to Daniel for providing us with his accompaniment and experience, both from the formal and informal side, for the personal growth of each one.

We look forward to continuing this alliance in new projects in the future.


Vilma Rojas - Owner

My comment about the impact that the ROI Agile (ex Riskout) talks and advice had, is that they were very positive for Decapolis since it helped us organize the entire operations system, from production to sales.

In addition, it had an even greater impact on formalizing Decapolis as a company, giving more professionalism to the work we do, from the logo, a unified card, to a different presentation and sales technique for the various products.

ROI Agile did that and much more on a personal level, changing us and giving us a broader view of things, completely unraveling us since we started out knowing nothing and ended up with a very satisfactory knowledge of what we do and can do if we use all the tools that they gave us to better exploit our products.

The truth is that we are using everything we have learned and advised and the changes are really remarkable.

Brown sugar

Lucas Levinson - Owner

In these months of the Seminar, I never imagined the transformation that it could give my company. I thought that I was going to get some new tools to better manage my project, but I came out with many more certainties that I am the greatest tool.

It opened my mind and infinite possibilities to improve performance and direction, planning and controlling the Quality Management, production and sales processes much better.


I thank ROI Agile (ex-Riskout) International for having opened this window to life for me


Osvaldo Marcone - Owner

I would like to start by saying that for any project that one has, they first develop the idea, then give it a theoretical form so that they can then put it into practice and that is when the feasibility of the venture begins to be seen.

Then begins the task of growing the company and making it solid and enduring over time.

All this is well known to entrepreneurs, and we know that it entails a lot of sacrifice since most of the time everything is done with great efforts and little capital.

We can say that we are carrying out the idea based on our experience and intuition.

Now in a few words I want to describe what I have received in the courses taught by ROI Agile (ex Riskout) and in the advice provided:

 1) INTERIOR CHANGE: this has given us a starting point to think about things from another angle, many times changing positions, visions and personal attitudes.

 2) PROFESSIONALISATION: He gave us tools of the level of large and successful empresas, which puts us on another level regardless of the size of our venture.

 3) CLARITY AND SUITABILITY: I can say that the topics were explained very clearly and in a pleasant and simple way, giving us the opportunity to interact, to clear up any doubts that arose.

 Well, with these comments I wanted to be clear and concrete, and it is a way of thanking ROI Agile


Carlos Manuel Gonella - Partner / Administration and Finance Manager

What to say about this adventure traveled with ROI Agile in the course of a year and a half...

I come to our company with the idea of ordering and expanding our knowledge. We quickly took the Agility course to become an Agile company in the solutions we provide and in the rest of the tasks we perform. We detected that we needed more conocimientos and we started Couching activities at a managerial and personal level, it was a great experience since what we learned not only served to improve within the company but also personally. ROI Agile, through its general director, was in charge of the direction of the company where its performance was excellent.


Federico Gregori - Community Manager / MDA

Being part of a work team with initiatives by ROI Agile was a great pleasure.

It brought immeasurable values to my work career and implemented very effective paths towards the company's productivity.

He knew how to place all of us, including the new ones, in an atmosphere of comfort and a very comfortable work environment.

I felt reflected several times the phrase "None of us is as good as all of us put together” by Ray Kroc at the end of the team talks, they were a great plus of motivation to highlight. 

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