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Our sustainability and environmental preservation policy


ROI Agile International has its performance marked by ethics, and by respect for individual values, concepts of socio-environmental responsibility, and ethnic, cultural and religious diversity.


The commitment to our sustainability policies is part of our day to day, extending to our relationships with suppliers,customers, employees and society as a whole.


To ensure the correct understanding of its strategy and the real commitment of all to the promotion of Sustainable Development, ROI Agile International defined the following policy in relation to human capital, the organization and processes:


Always seek the sustainable creation of value for all the actors with whom we interact: shareholders, clients, collaborators, suppliers and society in general.

We then define the following work premises:

  • Assume our commitment to the search for sustainable development

  • Guarantee that the concepts of sustainability are present in the innovations, revisions and adaptations of our businesses

  • Advise our clients on how to get closer and closer to the sustainable development of their own businesses


With this we affirm our commitment to sustainable development and we assume the challenge of playing a transforming role, strengthening social, environmental and economic development in a balanced, responsible and sustainable manner.

  • Make all employees aware of the principles of sustainability

  • Commit the entire Board of Directors and opinion makers to the evolution of the issue in the Organization

  • Permanently have an ethical and transparent position in our business

  • Comply with the laws and regulations in any environment and/or country where we carry out our activities

  • Disseminate the idea of sustainable development among our clients

  • All policies adopted by ROI Agile International, current and future, must have this document as a guide.

  • Align business strategic planning to the concept of sustainable development

  • NO associate or hire companies that do not have a clear concern with sustainability in their area of activity

  • Make known and demand compliance with all actions carried out by the company and all its collaborators, within the framework of sustainability

  • Repudiate all and any form of slave or child labor

  • Take into account sustainable aspects in the acquisition of furniture, equipment and accessories necessary for the execution of the company's business

  • Provide a work environment that guarantees equal opportunities regardless of sex, race, color, creed, sexual condition or any other discriminatory factor

  • Stimulate the conscious use of company resources and the environment

Sustainable development policy
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