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Combined programs


Our programs are based on an excellent mix where they combine harmoniously:

  • The previous diagnosis to adjust contents and processes

  • Performance-based training and knowledge transfer

  • The adaptation of best practices to the good uses and customs of companies

  • Consulting to accompany internal teams in the first steps

Program List

  1. Assured quality

  2. Commercial management

  3. towards corporate finance

  4. Balaced Score Card Based Administration

  5. Basic finance for SMEs

  6. Strategy for the management of SMEs

  7. Effective problem solving

  8. Business process reengineering

  9. Computer development methodology

  10. Agile project management

  11. Project management under PMI

  12. Adaptive project management

  13. Human resources management

  14. Human capital management

  15. Leadership training

  16. Employability for people outside the labor circuit

  17. Sustainable Financial Management for SMEs

  18. training for entrepreneurs

Los programas integrados articulan conocimientos diversos para el cumplimiento de una función
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