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Organization and processes


Thservices provided in this area are:


  • Organizational diagnosis

  • Organization Engineering

    • Reengineering

    • Downsizing

    • rightsizing

  • Application of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR / CSR) programs​

  • change management

  • agile transformation

  • Investigation of "unfaithful employees"

  • Strategic planning


  • Process reengineering

  • Process Optimization and Related Internal Control

  • Quality

  • TQM (Total Quality Implementation Programs)

  • ISO (Certification Preparation Programs)

  • BCP (Business continuity plan generation)

  • Project management with various predictive and agile methodologies

  • Administration and Finance​

    • Financial Planning

    • Cost and Price Management

    • Establishment, Acquisition and Business Expansion (including Due Diligence)

    • Analysis and Profitability Improvement

    • Control and Reduction of Expenses

    • Management Reports

    • Optimization of the Use of Working Capital

    • Budgets

    • Valuation of Companies and Assets

    • Audit and Management Control

    • Business Case Modeling

Reingenierías, Rightsizing, Downsizing, ISO, Total Quality Management, Change management
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