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Agile ROI Methodology

Unlike other methodologies or agile project frameworks, ROI Agile starts from the discovery and prioritization of needs, and the preparation and evaluation of the projects to be carried out.


It is possible to use it in different areas and projects of different types, and it can be seen as a set of best practices from which to take those that best suit the organization.


By incorporating Kanban and Lean into your guidelines, you reduce or eliminate the problems of other methodologies. In the same way, incorporating TQM works hard on the quality of what is produced.


The problems of fixed external rules, required documentation and other mentioned issues also disappear, due to the incorporation of these elements as deliverables within the construction cycles or iterations.


Both the scaling to large projects and the interaction with other systems and/or methodologies is resolved within the implementation guidelines, which are developed for each situation with the client at the project office (PMO) level.


Havcertification with registration in a database that can be consulted by companies for the levels of:

  • ROI Agile Coach

  • ROI Agile Business Owner

  • ROI Agile Team Member


Main Modules

  • Organization Needs

  • Prioritized Projects List

  • Agile Project Management (SCRUM Plus)

  • PMO Agile Multi-methodology

  • Satisfaction Evaluation

  • Benefits Audit

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