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Software that we represent and we use for our work in human capital, organization, processes and project management
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Multidimensional evaluation of the company, work environment and employees

By Clarity Wave

Clarity Wave

Clarity Wave is a cloud-based software that allows both employees and employers to evaluate each other from 3 different angles, with more than 70 indicators.

The robust software includes features that allow a manager to gauge an employee's perception of the company, their peers, and their environment.

Data is compiled in real time and presented in a clean, easy-to-use dashboard within Clarity Wave.

Clarity Wave measures a large number of indicators, not only about your company, but also about each individual.

A powerful system of professionally designed surveys, a module of personalized questions, public recognition among collaborators, a

interactive suggestion box, an incentive shop and much more.


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Document Management and Quality ISO 9000

By Tixtools


Module to manage the controlled documentation of the organization, its generation. Revision. Update, distribution, notification and controlled obsolescence. Publication and distribution by multiple platforms in open and encrypted formats. Management of incidents, findings, non-conformities and improvements; contingent and corrective actions. Supplier qualification sub-systems and analytical determination of quality. Predesigned templates for ISO 9000 implementation. Designed and developed by a professional team specialized in Japan in Quality Policy Management (TQM). Fully integrable with other TixTools, Soltic and third-party products.


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Cost Analysis and Standard Prices

by Tixtools


Module to analytically determine the standard costs of manufactured products from the formula  flat or multilevel and operations, applying coefficients of general expenses, direct taxes and calculation utility. Calculate recommended selling price, margin and contribution to coverage. Multi-currency with automatic updates for exchange rates and inflation. Fully integrable with other TixTools, Soltic and third party products.


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Comprehensive management for SMEs

by Tixtools


It allows you to carry out the complete administrative-accounting management, including electronic invoicing, debit and credit current accounts, VAT Purchases and Sales, treasury and management of the securities portfolio, deregistration, banks, and general accounting. Includes sales statistics by customer and product and command and control dashboard. Multi-currency with automatic updates for exchange rates and inflation. Available in installable versions over LAN and under SaaS on our servers. Fully integrable with other TixTools products, and third parties.


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