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ROI Solver


A program for any type of company, aimed at:

  • Speed up troubleshooting

  • Speed up project development

  • Prioritize the achievement of goals

  • Obtain verified satisfaction in short terms

  • Reduce unproductive costs

  • Promote teamwork and motivation of its members

  • Improve monitoring and process management

  • Optimize task progress checks


Based on awarenesstraining and implementation in one agile methodology and the establishment of a continuous improvement scheme.

Few rules, few clear roles and controls.

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Guaranteed execution in 16 weeks, distributed as follows:


Project Launch (one week)

  • Survey

  • Environment analysis

  • Diagnosis


Change management (two weeks)

  • Induction

  • Communication


Methodological Preparation (three weeks)

  • Selection of candidates for roles

  • Training


Commissioning (one week)

  • Armado Production List

  • Distribution of products to managers


Pilot Projects (up to 3 projects, eight weeks)


Review and adjustment (one week)

Aglizar, desarrollar, reducir costos, mejorar seguimieno y control, Priorizar
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