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Human Capital Excellence Management

Excellence management of human capital is more than a concept, is a certified work philosophy.

Includes information on employee perception, a review and comparison of best practices for generating, attracting and retention of talents, the application of successful methodologies in management, and the verification of the real conception of the company's human capital, with practical ways of measuring the variation of this capital over time.

The certification, as well as the audit to verify compliance, includes the following aspects:

  • Onboarding / Retention / Termination

  • Registration / Documentation / Files

  • Training

  • Staff participation

  • Services provided by the company

  • Form and rules of work

  • Remuneration and extras

  • Human Capital area management

  • General Management in relation to personnel

  • Staff survey

Companies or organizations interested in becoming certified or improving their human capital management will have the following support services:

  • Evaluation of positions and Generation of map of necessary skills

  • Evaluation of people and Generation of map of existing skills

  • Career and succession plan

  • Training GAPs report and training plan

  • Courses, seminars and workshops to cover the Training Plan

  • Evaluation and preparation of mentors

  • Individual / Group Coaching

  • Market Salary Review

  • Preparation for HCE certification (Human Capital Excellence)

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