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1 Format


1.1 Organization

ROI-Agile-Net is an organization made up of independent professionals, under the umbrella and coverage of ROI Agile International.


1.2 Synergy


The mother idea is the sum of value of the different specialties in joint projects.


1.3 Multiple specialties


The teams will be formed according to the needs of each project.

No specialty is left out since we work in general consultancies for all areas, having as axes:

  •   Human Capital

  •   the Organization

  •   the Processes.


1.4 Marketing


The commercialization of the projects will be mostly web-based.

Any of the members may generate business from any of the current specialties.

This opening generates more job opportunities since the commercial presence multiplies in as many points as there are consultants in the network.

It is convenient that, in the businesses in which the consultant brings the prospect, the commercial actions, the meetings to be held, the information to be sent to the client and everything scheduled to close the business in a way that is defined together with ROI Agile International. standard.

This will give an image of greater solvency to the client.

It is clear that there may be some consultants who dedicate themselves fully to the commercial function, if this is their specialty.

1.5 Remuneration / Reward

The reward formats are varied and will be defined based on the business and in advance, but the project will mostly work with a percentage of profit based on participation in it, and/or commission for generating the business or getting the prospect.

2 Processes

2.1 Project work

All work will be done by project.

Standard operational functions are covered by ROI Agile International. 

2.2 Standardization of processes

All processes will be standardized, as will the means of communication and their format.

For this, there will be a training on thework methodologyand the elements to use, once the consultant is included in the network.

2.3 International Services Exhibition

The services we provide will be carried out throughout the ROI Agile International coverage area, so it will be necessary in some projects to have availability to travel.

2.4 Combination of forces / Knowledge

Every project will be covered by ROI Agile International, giving support and coordinating all the internal areas and internal or external specialties to obtain the best result.

3 Services provided by ROI Agile International

3.1 Back Office

ROI Agile International will be in charge of providing BackOffice services for all ROI-Agile-Net consultants,

These include: billing, collections, contracts, meeting agenda, administration, administrative and management support, among others.

3.2 Newsletter

Composition and distribution ofcorporate newsletterwith news of all projects, notes from consultants, and any other relevant information.

This list of subscribers is more than 5,000, to which will be added those proposed by ROI-Agile-Net consultants.

3.3 Mail

Consultants will be provided with a corporate email address and/or an alias, which is a corporate email address but only for receipt and forwarding to a personal account.

3.4 Website

The ROI Agile International website will be made available to the consultants forpublication of notesin forums and marketing of products or services.

3.5 Documentation

Consultants will be provided with institutional information, personal cards, service presentations and any other necessary element.

3.6 Base of specialties

Consultants will be provided with a base of specialties that they can use in projects and/or sell as an intermediary or business generator.

3.7 Consultant base and profiles

ROI Agile International will maintain adatabase of profiles and consultantsfor use in projects.

All selected consultants will be sent a CV model to be incorporated into the database.

3.8 Support

ROI Agile International will provide help in all project instances, from consultative selling, to closing, through project management in different methodologies as agreed with the client.

4 Requirements

4.1 Desirables

Those who meet these requirements may participate as Associate Directors of ROI Agile International.

4.1.1 Customer portfolio

For independent consultants who already have their own client portfolio, in which they have developed projects or services

4.1.2 Own office

It may function as a subsidiary or dependency of ROI Agile International

4.2 Excluding

Conditions without which the professionals who apply will not be accepted

4.2.1 Experience

10 years of minimum experience as a professional in the field for which it is presented.

4.2.2 Professional ethics

It will be essential to have an impeccable professional image in the market in which it develops.

4.2.3 Professional references

It will be exclusive to present an extensive list of professional references, which will be previously verified before endorsing the incorporation into the network.

4.2.4 Independence

Since in this network we work by projects and everything has variable duration and needs, in principle we will work with self-employed and registered monotributistas, to adapt to legal regulations.

International Network of Consultants


Consult or send us your CV to be part of our network

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